Priscilla Barnes

Have you ever tracked calories burned during a workout?

This is a very flawed metric.


Because it’s inaccurate AND many people base their INTAKE off of this number.

Meaning if their Apple Watch says they burned 500 calories then they’ll eat X amount of calories to make sure they’re burning more calories than they’re eating.

That’s a good idea at the heart, but it’s wrong.

You can’t “out work” what you eat.


Your workouts are an investment to your future, not a single deposit into your checking account.

Workouts build muscle. Workouts improve heart function, lung function, hormonal balance, core strength, and can lower stress.

Workouts make you better today AND tomorrow.

Workouts are medicine, not only a caloric equation.

Exercise Prevents DiseaseGiving your exercise a calories burned value misses the mark.

To give them a daily value is not only wrong (because the number is wrong), but it trains your brain to see it as a single transaction. It’s not.

One thing my successful clients do is invest in small steps to build muscle. (Building muscle is the fountain of youth, in my opinion.) They follow my progressive overload weight lifting, and now they’re stronger than ever.

How many calories do they burn in a single weight lifting workout? Not much.

But that single investment repeated over and over again has grown muscle and strength AND metabolism.

Another factor to boost metabolism: eating enough.

Dieting slows down the metabolism.

Eating enough is required for muscle growth.

In my clients’ lives and my own life I’ve watched these signs of a hot fire flames metabolism pop up:

  • waking up hungry and presence of hunger throughout the day
  • ability to build muscle
  • sustained energy
  • warm hands (cold hands are a sign of a slow metabolism)
  • and yes, fat loss for some

If you want to slow down your metabolism, one of the best things to do is add stress to your life. A calorie deficit, or diet, is a source of stress.

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