What are you most proud of accomplishing with Wellness in Bloom?


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A mind shift. I talk nicer to myself which in turns helps me reach my goals instead of dwelling on missed stepsI have more energy, more hunger, better sleep! Priscilla has a gift and every phone call you will feel uplifted and ready to tackle your goals.

Weight loss, increased energy, decreased inflammation. Having more energy and feeling stronger is critical to continue to keep up with the grandkids and do things that make me feel healthy and capable.Priscilla is the whole package. She is thoughtful, helpful, informative, and supportive. I’m never left wondering what I need to do to attain my goals.

My blood pressure is now in a normal range, and my hemoglobin A1c went from 7% to 5.7%, and I’ve lost 9 pounds!

I’m most proud of finding a sustainable way to maintain my vegetarian/pescatarian lifestyle, and to avoid being a carbotarian. Now, when choosing what to eat, I know I’m making the right choices. My energy and sleep have improved, and I now have habits in place to prioritize protein, and I know the right go-to snacks for me.

My pants are fitting so much better. The button on my pants isn’t screaming for relief constantly. My energy is so much higher on average than it was 2-3 years ago. 10 times increase in focus and productivity in my life.

The food battle has been won! Haha that sounds so cheesy but I feel like I've won with these tools that I've learned and I'm excited to learn more. Freedom! :) I don't wake up groggy anymore and I have energy throughout the day!! Waking up excited about the day with energy is a game changer. Life changing, really. Well balanced meals keep me full until the next meal and eliminate sweet/junk food cravings!!

- Angie
I used to get so frustrated with myself when I wasn’t eating well or exercising. It was an endless cycle of failure. I now have a sense of peace. I knew I was frustrated, and it was depressing, and now I understand how much it was consuming me in a negative way.Being successful with health and wellness has had this weird effect on other things in my life where I believe I can accomplish everything.I feel like my whole outlook on life is more positive.

Sleep is great and my energy has improved.I’m most proud of understanding what I should be doing to benefit my health in the future. Maintaining small wins every day. I feel like I understand my body more. The education I received was priceless. Priscilla is so encouraging that I felt mental wellness increase, as well. She will work with you so just reach out and start!!

A better understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle.My gut health prior to joining Wellness in Bloom was horrible, I was so bloated. Now, my energy is up, stomach pains are way down to non-existent, and I have more deep dream sleep.If you’re willing and ready to put forth the effort to make an actual change in your life, get started.

Energy is up in the morning, I don’t have a slump in the morning anymore. My jeans are fitting better. I stopped Ozempic because of bad side effects, but I’m still seeing success without it. What I’m doing feels very sustainable.

I am most proud of the mindset adjustments I have made. You have shown me that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I have made so many changes to my diet and incorporated movement back into my life.

A friend in the gym the other day said, “Casey, I don’t know what you are doing, but it’s working!”I’m most proud of getting in tune with how much I really need to be eating to gain the muscle I want. My plantar fasciitis pain has gone from an 8 out of 10, to a 2!

The overall mindset shift has been a huge win. My energy, hunger, and sleep have all improved. Overall, I have set my future self up for success by focusing on these new goals, and having a mindset shift.

-Katie L
I’ve really changed my mindset. I’m not obsessing about my weight, but I see the health component overriding everything.I used to think I needed to eat less. But now my clothes fit great, my energy is way up and my sleep is really good, and I’m eating more.Increasing balanced food choices. Understanding how nutrition and minerals affect my thyroid health, there’s more to it than just taking medicine.

I’ve lost 7 inches in my waist! AFter working with a trainer in the past that left me devastated, this has given me hope to get back on target. I have a positive frame of mind. I’m moving more and I’m proud of the adjustments I’ve made in my eating - now I eat in a way that is satisfying.

Prior to us working together, I hadn’t worked out in any real, consistent way in years, and I was eating way too much fast food, chips, sweets, and sodas. I worried I would be an out of shape mom for for ever. Now, I’m 13 pounds lighter, I’m able to carry my 2 year old more easily with stronger arms.


Getting my cycle back on a normal track. My future self is more aware and has better tools to make nutritional choices. You have helped me change my mindset on so many aspects. Prior to Wellness in Bloom, I would see a doctor for ailments and follow their recommendations or leave without any resolution. Now, I know that I have the options that don’t require medicine or surgery to feel my best.