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There's been an increase of a devastating medical event that people aren't talking about. It is also near and dear to my heart.

What is that?

Strokes. Stroke prevalence in recent decades have decreased, however, there has been an increase in young, otherwise healthy adults. (Check the research article here.)

"Findings of this study suggest that ARFs (atherosclerosis risk factors) associated with stroke in older adults are present in childhood and increase with age. Efforts to reduce the risk factors should begin as early as possible."

Meaning, it's never too early to prevent disease, especially a stroke.

As you may know, I am intimately familiar with the devastation a stroke can bring. My healthy, active, independent father suffered an ischemic stroke in 2019. Since then, he is entirely dependent on others.

Strokes are a leading cause of long-term disability.

One of my hopes for Wellness in Bloom is to help you and educate you on how to take action today to prevent devastation I've seen as a nurse and caregiver.

What the heck does this have to do with you?

It's an unfortunate event when we see something as devastating as a stroke occurring in younger individuals. No matter the age, it's important to do one thing that can help you prevent a stroke AND prevent disease in general.

Decrease inflammation.

Whether we are talking about an ischemic stroke (one caused by a blood clot) or a hemorrhagic stroke (one caused by a ruptured vessel leading to bleeding), all of the risk factors point to inflammation.

A few risk factors for strokes: High blood pressure, sleep apnea, smoking, diabetes (aka blood sugar imbalance), atherosclerosis (thickening of the arteries), certain medications, and many more.

All of the above promote one thing: chronic low grade inflammation.

If you really want to prevent disease and age well, decreasing inflammation is the secret sauce.

Other benefits of decreasing inflammation: improved skin, boost in energy, improved digestion, mental clarity, hormone balance, improved cognitive function, and yes, even weight loss.

How do you decrease inflammation?

Nutrition, movement, and lifestyle changes. For specific nutrition related ideas, check out this article from my blog post.

It’s what we do consistently, not sporadically, that can create life-changing, health-promoting results. Need help getting started? Click here to apply to work with me today.

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