Priscilla Barnes

Why is it important to address your wins?

Have you ever been sick? Unable to do things you love? Feeling like your world is forever altered?

My dad was recently hospitalized. We are in the process of helping him increase his strength, but it’s hard for him to see the progress sometimes.

Who wouldn’t feel his concern? His current situation taunts him that he may never have the precious function he used to have.

But we believe in things not seen, and I know through faith anything is possible.

Life presents mountains.

And they can be an effort to overcome.  Pushing us to look past our physical, current state to see the potential for the end goal.

But if you look closely, you can find success.

Today my father did. He was able to maintain his oxygen status without support.

But you know what? This success was overshadowed by his desire to be back where he was prior to his hospitalization. To be in full form.

It’s hard to see progress when all that you see is the challenge to get to your end goal.

Can you relate to that? We all can.

Comparing ourselves to the end goal can be dangerous. It prevents us from seeing the small wins that get us to our goal.

When we focus on our shortcomings, it puts us in a state of failure. We hang our heads low (literally), we breathe differently, we think differently. We become less confident in our abilities to conquer, and as a result, we conquer less.

When we focus on our WINS, our positive outcomes, no matter the size, we are placed in a state of success. We hold our heads HIGH. We make eye contact with others. We hold our shoulders back, we breathe deeply. We become more confident in our abilities to conquer.

And as a result we conquer MORE.

After presenting it in a different fashion, my dad realized, “Oh, I haven’t worn oxygen all day, and yesterday I did.” He saw the success. Even though he currently was not at his end goal.

And it changed him.

He’s continually progressing.

Do you have a goal you’re working towards?

What do you think will put you in a state to succeed? Focusing on your shortcomings? Or focusing on your wins, no matter the size?

Keep shining a light on your success, and watch your success grow.

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