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3 reasons balancing your hormones has just as much to do with fertility as it does with preventing disease.

When you think of complications associated with aging, do you often think of heart disease? Osteoporosis? Dementia?

What if you knew your ability to balance your hormones during your fertile years would greatly impact your health and status of common aging dilemmas in the future?

The US is in a major fertility dilemma.

It’s hard to know people these days who do not experience issues with fertility.

For women, one of the top reasons for infertility is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). An estimated 5 million women in the US have PCOS. (1)

Men have record low numbers of testosterone. Up to 40% of adult males have low levels of testosterone. (2)

Balancing hormones is not a simple task. And stating you should “just balance your hormones” like it’s some simple box to check is not the point of this article.

It is more so to shed light on the fact that your hormonal balance will help you age well, regardless of your desire or plans to have children.

There are many factors at play for hormonal imbalances. One of the most over-looked sources? Stress. In my own life it has taken a toll on me, read more here on how I balanced it.

3 reasons to balance your hormones to prevent disease:

  1. For women, progesterone is a super power. Progesterone is a result of ovulation, so if you are not ovulating as a result of hormonal imbalances, stress, or from being on a birth control pill, you could be missing out on this life-improving hormone’s power. Progesterone decreases the risk for cancer, improves bone and muscle health, and protects the heart and lowers blood pressure. (3) One of the top reasons I’ve found for low progesterone among women is unintentional excessive stress due to constant dieting/not eating enough calories or macro-nutrients or over-exercising.
  2. For men, testosterone is about more than being masculine. Sure it helps with sex drive, aids in muscle growth, and prevents erectile dysfunction, but did you know it’s important in bone health and overall well-being? Want to know one source for the production of testosterone? You guessed it. In the brain. Chronic stress has been associated with low levels of testosterone. (4)
  3. Many hormone imbalances are related to insulin resistance. Insulin is, after all, a hormone. Insulin resistance is on the rise at alarming numbers. It is the precursor to diabetes, and a major source of inflammation. (Here’s an article on 4 ways to help reverse it.) If you want to heal your hormones and prevent disease, you must balance blood sugar. Cortisol, the stress hormone, negatively affects your insulin levels.(5)
  4. Balancing your hormones is a huge part to preventing disease and promoting overall wellness. It is one of the most overlooked causes of heart failure, osteoporosis, and muscle loss as we age, in my opinion.
  5. Need help? Click here to apply to join my Foundations to Wellness today.

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