Priscilla Barnes

Do you fall short of your goals?

Do you find that you’re not motivated?

If so, this is for you.

As a health and wellness coach, it’s my joy to hear when clients achieve things that they thought were impossible.

Is there something in your life, a habit, a way of eating, a workout, a routine, that you know you should be doing, but you just don’t feel motivated to do it?

You’re not lacking motivation, you’re lacking action.

You are human.

Motivation for everyone, myself included, ebbs and flows.

If you agree with that, then there’s only one logical way: stop chasing motivation.

Start chasing action.

Small action to be precise.

I’m currently writing this after a hugely successful phone call with a client, Elisabeth.

One of the first things she mentioned wanting to improve upon when we had our first coaching call a little over a month ago, was her desire to improve her sleep - it has been a struggle of hers for many, many years.

Now, today, she’s doing things she never knew she’d be able to do: going to bed at a decent hour, feeling relaxed and at peace going to bed, experiencing what a true good night’s sleep is.

On another note, this improvement in sleep is one of the best things any of us can be doing for our well-being. It is preventative medicine at its highest power.

So how did Elisabeth do it?

We discussed habits and changes that needed to be around her sleep routine, but ultimately the choice, or rather, taking the action was completely up to her.

Maybe you know what to do, but you’re not doing it. Been there?

Take advice from Elisabeth:

“I decided this was important and that I was going to do it.”

That’s the truth.

What are you deciding every day? Your actions, or lack thereof, are based on a decision. Maybe you watch TikTok for another hour in bed because you decide that’s important and indirectly decide that a good night’s sleep is not.

Maybe you go for a walk because you’ve decided your wellness is important to you.

Or maybe you don’t because you’ve decided time with family more important in that moment.

Every action is based on a decision. It’s based on a belief.

This isn’t to demean the weight of effort. There’s A LOT of challenges in our way once we decide to do something.

However, success starts in your mind. Success begins with you deciding this is important to me. This is how I’m going to hit my goals.

That’s what Elisabeth did, and she is soaring in success. One more thing about Elisabeth, she has spent the last 5 weeks in my Foundation Program. She has proven to her brain, through small sustainable actions, that she CAN be successful!

Action upon action creates habits. And habits stay with you a lifetime. Decide to take actions in line with your goals, and when motivation isn’t there on a rainy day, you will still succeed.

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