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What does it mean to "take care?"

Like you, I have lots of "hellos" and "goodbyes" throughout the day.

On days I'm working as a nurse, there's even more.

To me, saying, “Take care,” is one of the kindest ways to say goodbye.

Why? Because you are, honestly, commanding the receiver to take care.

To do the opposite of inflicting harm on themselves.

To do the opposite of overdoing it.

To do everything in line with nourishing their well-being.

Recently, I was remembering why I started using that term.

When I'd go see my parents a few years ago, especially the year prior to my dad's stroke, my dad would walk me to my car parked in the circle driveway of the house I grew up in.

As I left, I'd get in my car, and he'd shut the door for me. Say thank you for coming over and with a smile, say, "Take care."

He and I discussed it one time. What a kind word of parting it is.

Then, as he did even in high school, he'd watch me maneuver reversing out of a circle driveway (with questionable skill).

It's a dear memory. But also, a kind habit.

Many people this time of year stress over what gift to get those they love. Or they get overwhelmed, over indulge, or just flat out don’t take good care of themselves.

Maybe this is why there are more deaths from heart attacks and strokes during the holidays.

Your health always mattersTake care every day, but especially during the holidays. It’s the best gift you can give those you love.

What better gift than taking care of yourself? And helping others do the same?

I've found myself saying that term more and more. What else do you want for someone you care about other than the best?

What is better than the best care and attention being given to their well-being as humanly possible?

I can't think of anything greater. It's a gift that relentlessly continues to give a return on the investment.

Do YOU take care?

Do you take care of you? or only others?

As this year comes to an end and a new one begins, may you find yourself doing things that give you the care you deserve.

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