If you’re a human in the world today, you’re aware of the virus that has engulfed our lives.

Priscilla Barnes

If you’re a human in the world today, you’re aware of the virus that has engulfed our lives.

Whether you have had it yourself or not, its presence has altered your life in some way shape or form.

Probably in a great shape AND form.

However, one positive aspect to the mental influx of information on this virus, is the requirement to see that health isn’t guaranteed.

We aren’t guaranteed to be healthy as we age.

Maybe you have thought about ways to be healthier.

Or maybe you have been like a lot of people and sat at home in fear.

It’s an understandable reaction.

But in your thought process for a healthier you, I’d like to challenge you.

Seek and ye shall find. (Matthew 7:7)

It’s a fairly common quote, whether you’re a bible reader or not.

And its truth is applicable to anyone, no matter their faith.

What does it mean to seek? It means to search. To attempt to find something.

How do you go about that? Getting off the couch. Moving your body. Interacting with humans. Asking for help in areas that your experience is lacking.


If you don’t have a plan, you’re more likely to be stressed.

Stress can lead to fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety are linked to and increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Overwhelming emotions can lead to social isolation and inactivity. Physical inactivity leads to decreased immune response.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Are you stressed? Are you fearful? Are you inactive?

If you are, it’s not preventing the very thing you’re trying to avoid.

So what are you to do?

Seek for a better way.

Take action. Follow a plan to promote success.

You will not find it on the couch.

Need help getting started? Send me an email to hear how I can help you hit your goals.

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