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Why is no one covering this major aspect of COVID?

Reminder: we have made it through a pandemic.
Another reminder: history repeats itself.

And we should be learning from the past, rather than being hit in the face with something new in the future.

Whether it is another pandemic, or another health crisis, or any other respiratory disease, such as flu season, we should learn from the past in order to promote a better future. Don’t you agree?

For that reason, here are two facts about the recent pandemic no one is talking about.

The CDC revealed the strongest risk factors for death among those hospitalized with Covid.

Number 1? Obesity

How often are you being told that BMI doesn’t matter?

It does.

In my opinion it is an important part to someone’s health profile.

It is not the end all be all, but it is absolutely important when paired with other information. As a nurse, I see it used every day to assess someone prior to surgery.

BMI is a tool, and should be seen as such - there is a right time to use it. It isn’t completely worthless information.

Number 2? Anxiety and fear.

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

According to the article, anxiety and fear were “the second highest risk factor for death among underlying conditions considered in the study.”

Your mind, my mind, has a HUGE role in health and wellness. Our beliefs are more powerful than we realize.

So what can we do with this information? Here are my tips.

  1. Tip Number One: Implement lifestyle choices to maintain a healthy weight. Shift your goal from hitting the lowest number possible on the scale, to being able to maintain a healthy weight.


    If you focus on maintaining a healthy weight, you will implement habits you can maintain. You will embrace a sustainable approach.

    While I do believe obesity needs to be avoided, it should be taken as data with other factors. Those factors are muscle mass, age, activity level, current food choices, and signs of inflammation.

    If someone is obese due to their BMI reading, BUT, they are otherwise healthy, active and have no other symptoms of metabolic syndrome, then that is encouraging.

    Tip Number Two: Implement habits that change your mind.

    All we have to do is turn on the TV to be bombarded with fear and anxiety.

    Turns out, you control what you consume. Mentally and physically.

    If you want to change your mind, you must change your state, the condition of your body.

    Why? If you walk around with your shoulders caved in all day, looking at the ground, you might feel less confident, right?

    Whereas, if you pretend you have on a cape, walk around with your shoulders back, you might be more confident, right?

    The same is true with fear and anxiety. Put your body in the environment of peace.

    Have a plan for your nutrition, movement, and lifestyle that creates peace, rather than fear.

Remember, the past few years of pain and discomfort surrounding the pandemic created a huge loss for many. What better way to utilize that pain than to learn from it and improve our lives for the better.

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