Priscilla Barnes

Have you ever had a hard day? A hard week?

The kind of times when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Frustrated your efforts haven’t brought around more change?

The feeling of wanting to immediately change your state like you change your clothes?

“Let’s see. I’m tired of wearing this annoying, struggle bus of a denim jacket, so I’ll put on this pea coat of success.”

Well, turns out, life’s struggles can’t be switched with such ease.

So what are we to do?

Look behind you.


But shouldn’t I be looking ahead? Moving towards the goal? Keeping my eyes on the prize?

Yes, all of this is true. However, by only looking ahead, you miss out on momentum that can keep you going.

If you remain focused on how far you need to go, you lose sight of all that you’ve accomplished.

And that continual focus on inability, on “should have,” on “need to,” on “why didn’t I just,” is detrimental to your mentality that is affecting your actions.

Rather than focusing on what needs to be done, remind yourself of what you HAVE done.

If you’re half way up a mountain, and you only focus on how far you need to go, you miss out on celebrating how far you have come.

You’re half way up a mountain!

Was that easy? No.

Did that take work? Yes.

Did you overcome hurdles to get to where you are? Yes.

Is this a reminder of how possible you are at accomplishing challenges? EVEN the second half of this mountain?

You bet.

So today, are you working towards a goal that hits you with a feeling of defeat? Feeling like a failure?

If you’re only focused on how far you need to go, look behind you. And look a little further back, too.

Hidden behind you is a reminder you have done A LOT of things that promote your well-being. And no matter the goal, no matter your struggle, you have the power to get there.

Remind yourself of your wins. Failure is never final. Keep going.

Some the greatest success is in the midst of struggles.

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