Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is an assessment of a small hair sample taken from the base of the skull! Through this hair sample, we have insight into the mineral and toxic element status of your cells!

Why Hair?

Hair is an accumulation of dead cells. This accumulation shows us what has been going on in your cells for the last 3-4 months, or however long it takes you to grow out an inch of hair. 

HTMA results provide a bigger picture than blood or urine samples with what has been going on over the past few months, versus your current status today. This can be powerful, especially when symptoms persist, but another testing comes back normal.

Why Minerals?

Minerals give your cells life - they are the spark plugs of the body. 

Our bodies are an intricate system of events. As with any system, if something is missing, if one area is backlogged, the whole system can begin to malfunction in subtle, or not-so-subtle ways.

Minerals have the power to do that.

Who Should Get an HTMA?

HTMA is for anyone! If you have tried to find an answer to any persistent problem or symptom, but still feel empty handed, you will benefit. If you are concerned about your future well-being, and you want to assess your mineral status, this is for you!

How did HTMA change my life?

After spending an excess of time, money, and energy, I was frustrated and felt empty-handed with symptoms that were only getting worse. However, I was led to the importance of minerals in our body’s function and pursued an HTMA to assess the root cause. After doing the test, I implemented supplements, lifestyle changes, and nutritional support in line with my results and it has changed my life.  I’ve since taken courses to better serve those who need HTMA, and I am daily amazed at the impact minerals have in our lives. I truly believe the struggles I went through this year, the frustrations with the medical system, the paths that lead to more questions, were only to lead me to HTMA. Its benefit in my life is now something that I hope to share with you and anyone else who needs it. 

Would you recommend HTMA to others?

Yes! There is no other way to obtain this information and it’s critical to wellness. 

My outlook on nutrition and what my body needs to feel good and function is completely different from before I started working with Wellness in Bloom. My current and future self is incredibly relieved that I found Priscilla when I did and have started getting my body to a place where it will thrive.