What's the point of weight loss if you're doing these things that increase your risk for disease?

Priscilla Barnes

“I just need to lose this weight to be healthy.”

Have you ever thought that? Are you thinking that?

You could be right!

You might need to lose body fat in order to prevent disease. But is your approach making things worse?

Here are 3 common mistakes people make in a fat loss phase that increases their risk for disease.

  1. They become frail in order to achieve a number on a scale.

    People are being led like cattle to the slaughter with their weight loss approach.


    Because their weight loss is actually making them frail. Frailty increases the risk for death. In addition, the more frail someone is, the greater their risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory illness, dementia, and other infections. (1.)

    Here, buy into the weight loss program, you’ll eat 800-1500 calories a day, see the scale move how you want it to AND, FOR FREE, you will increase your risk for all cause mortality!!

    What a gift!

    The thinnest you is also the frailest you if no one has told you lately.

    What’s wrong? You want to lose weight? You have a problem? Then YES, you should fix it. Just make sure your approach isn’t making you weak in the process.
  2. They refuse to acknowledge what they are consuming and trust others to make that choice for them.


    Listen, weight loss companies aren’t dumb. They know you don’t want to put in the work. So they make getting as thin as possible really easy. They create the calorie deficit for you!

    They know, in order to lose weight, you MUST be in a calorie deficit.

    So rather than teaching you how to create one for you in a manner that will help you, they shove an extreme one in your face.

    Then, WOW, you lose 10 pounds in a month! Now what’s the plan? You have no idea how you did it, so how in the world will you keep it off?

    What should you do instead?

    Be an informed consumer. Understand macronutrients, calories, and ingredients.That’s what food is made of. It’s not made of “points,” or other value systems.

    Until you are fully aware of how to fuel your body to hit your goals and what aspects of food are helping or hindering you, you will never be able to understand what’s going on.

    You deserve to be empowered with the knowledge to change your life. Don’t blindly let other people do it for you. Most companies don’t have your best interest at heart.
  3. They embrace the mentality that all foods fit.

    How could I say that?!

    “Look, Priscilla, this is 2023…this is an all inclusive food environment.”

    Get real.

    The more you believe that, the more you will forever be encumbered with consuming ingredients that are not helping you and are, in fact, increasing your risk for disease.

    All foods do not fit for everyone at all times. They don’t!!

    Trans fats for example. They are found in things like vegetable shortening, margarine, most processed baked goods, and many creamers.

    Trans fats have been shown to increase LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol), decrease HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol), and to increase the risk for cardiovascular disease. (2.)

    Tell me now, how do all foods fit? If you knew something would increase your risk of disease or premature death would you still consume it?

    Maybe! But you know what, you deserve to know!! You deserve to be an informed consumer.

    And the longer you walk around thinking every food can fit and make you healthy, the longer you will be handicapped from hitting your goals.

    What about everything in moderation?

    That’s up to you. But how can you make that decision if you have no idea what you’re consuming?

    Many of my clients choose to consume things that are right for them at that moment in time, but they know what they are doing. They know that certain foods will help them hit their goals, and certain foods will not.

    And they get to decide when it is worth it.

    Personally, after going through some of the worst health of my life, and watching my dad suffer from left side paralysis after a stroke and two seizures requiring CPR, I’ll pass on the all foods fit approach.

My goal is to take action today to prevent disease, and if yours is, too, don’t make these mistakes.

The average person is unwilling to sacrifice time and convenience for long lasting results.

Want to be like everyone who ages poorly? Keep doing what they’re doing.

Want to be a tier above? Want to age well and prevent disease? Follow along.

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