Priscilla Barnes

“If I could lose 10 pounds, I’d be happy.”

“If I could just fit into those jeans, I’d be happy.”

Sound familiar?

Those two phrases describe almost half of Americans (as of a few years ago).

With the current state of health today, I’d take a wild guess that number is much higher currently.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’d really like to maintain my weight.”

Um, no.

That’s NOT what girls talk about in the locker room, I can tell you that.

We often look in the mirrors and say, “Ugh, if only I could lose these last few pounds.”

It happens everywhere. Male or female, whatever your age, whatever your weight, we are in love with the idea of losing weight.

And that is why we always hear about eating less.

But what if eating less wasn’t the answer?

What if continually chasing those last few pounds with working out more and eating less was detrimental to your well-being? And hindering your success?


What are maintenance calories?

Maintenance calories are the calorie ranges necessary to maintain your current weight.

They fall in a range because every day is different. If you read my previous post on Calories Deficits, you’ll know in order to be in a deficit, the math equation = less calories being consumed than calories being spent.

Maintenance calories are the way to keep your calorie budget equal - to avoid a deficit or surplus.

As you spend more energy on some days, maybe you’ll need more intake on those days.

As you spend less energy on some days, maybe you’ll need less intake on those days.

And, there’s always hunger. Hello. Maybe somedays you are hungrier than others? Hello, metabolism.

Maintenance calories are a range.

Why should you figure out your maintenance calorie range?

Because beautiful things happen in maintenance calories.

Chronic dieting (aka chronically chasing a calorie deficit) isn’t associated with success at weight loss.

So why keep chasing it?

What if you took a mental break? That would also benefit your metabolism?

Eating at maintenance calories can decrease the stress associated with weight loss.

And can give you the freedom to improve the quality of your intake, rather than focusing on eating less.

Eating at maintenance calories also gives you the energy (remember, calories are energy) to increase physical activity.

What if you could hit your goals, by eating more?

What if you could improve your sleep, mental well-being, energy levels, by eating at a maintenance calorie range?

It is possible. And it is why my clients work to find maintenance calories BEFORE entering into a calorie deficit.

Another note: one way to improve your metabolism (and decrease your risk for a host of other health issues) is to build muscle. Check out my blog post on why I believe building muscle is the fountain of youth.

Building muscle requires energy aka calories.

If you want to focus on building muscle, you MUST be eating enough food. Yet another reason to find maintenance calories, and live there.

Beautiful things happen in maintenance calories.

Are you chasing less? And coming up empty handed?

You might benefit from a maintenance calorie approach. Send me an email to find out how. OR apply to join my coaching program by clicking here.

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