Priscilla Barnes

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with knowing what foods to avoid to hit your goals?

What about, what habits you should or should not be doing?

Have you been battling with what hours you shouldn’t be eating, what foods you shouldn’t eat, and what ingredients you should avoid in order to prevent disease?

Rather than give you a list of foods to avoid, I will share with you something else that will give you peace of mind. The truth.

“Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

This was engraved underneath the bell tower of where I went to college, The University of Texas at Austin.

It is also a quote from the bible, John 8:32. And like all biblical references, it holds a massive amount of truth and insight into our daily lives.

Today we are FLOODED with wisdom and insight.

There are a million and one opinions on what is healthy and what is not. For many of my clients, shutting off the excess noise and following a simple plan is the first key to success.

Understanding the truth about health and wellness is imperative. Until you have a firm knowledge on what is true, you will be enslaved to a burden of questioning how to live your life.

This is why the truth can set you free.

Understanding what is true, and having built habits around recognizing it, will help you avoid what is false and what is not in your best interest.

Growing up, my dad told us about a great life experience he had in regards to this when he was younger.

It really stuck with me.

While studying finance at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, he got a job at a local bank.

As a bank teller, it was his duty to be able to recognize counterfeit currency. If someone came in wanting to deposit a bunch of 20 dollar bills that weren’t real, he needed to be able to recognize them off the bat.

So how did the bank train him and the other bank tellers to know what was true currency and what was a fraud?

By becoming extremely, intricately familiar with real currency.

My dad told us how he was trained to carefully examine dollar bills that were real. They spent all of their training on how to navigate the real versus fake by only studying what was real, or true.


Then, when a fraud came along, or a fake dollar bill, they knew it wasn’t real immediately.

My dad would use this analogy on the way he brought us up.

He and my mom brought us up in a way that was entrenched in knowledge and truth, so that when deception or bad decisions came along, we would be able to recognize it and make better decisions based off of our familiarity with what was truth.

I am forever grateful for the truths that he and my mom taught me growing up.

This is exactly what we should do with health and wellness.

Rather than focusing on what you don’t need, focus on what is true.

Become so entrenched with what is correct for you and your health and wellness, that when someone gives you advice based on fraud or deceit, you know it’s off from the start.

Do you know the fundamental truths for preventing disease in your own life?

Or are you fixated on inadequacies? Trying so hard to avoid bad ingredients that you don’t even know what nutrients you need to prevent disease?

Silence the noise.

Get familiar with the truth.

Understand the truth and the truth will set you free.

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